Need quick access to view or update your customer database? You can be just a click or tap away! Introducing FIRE/DATA, our Fire/Rescue database in the cloud, built with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Works on all devices, anytime, anywhere. Responsive INTEL in your pocket!

If you are in the business of providing Products or Services to the First Responder market, let us pose a couple of questions:

  • Who is your potential customer, where are they, and how do you contact them?
  • How much have they budgeted for Products and Services for this fiscal year?
  • What are their preferred brands of Products and Services?
  • Who provides them with Product Service or Maintenance?
  • Have they applied for a FEMA AFG Grant, and if awarded, what was the award date, and how much funding did they receive?

Obviously, the answers to these questions help you determine where to focus your efforts to build relationships, and capitalize on potential Opportunities. But where is all of that information? For some, it may stored in a spreadsheet, notebook, phone, tablet or laptop. So, a couple of more questions:

  • Do you have a centralized or synchronized company customer database?
  • How easy is it to maintain and keep up to date?
  • Do you need to send e-Blasts or mail Flyers to your customers?

We have over 33,000 Contacts in our FIREDATA Fire/Rescue Database for the USA and Canada. Our solution is built and hosted online with Microsoft Dynamics 365, and automatically synchronizes across all devices in real time. Account and Contact data can be entered from a mobile device while on the go. Tap and type or select from a drop-down list of customized field items. We constantly update and maintain our data to try and provide the latest information available.

If you need a solution to address these questions, we are here to help. Check out some of the screenshots from our FIREDATA Fire/Rescue Database below:

Account View on PC (Complete Summary)
Account View on Tablet (Swipe and Scroll)
Account Views on Phone (Swipe and Scroll)

Contact View on PC (Complete Summary)
Contact View on Tablet and Phone (Swipe and Scroll)

Lead View on PC (Complete Summary)
Lead View on Tablet and Phone (Swipe and Scroll)

Opportunity View on PC (Complete Summary)
Opportunity View on Tablet and Phone(Swipe and Scroll)