Sell your products on Facebook! Extend your online store to over 700 million users with "Social Store". This is a feature that allows you to reach a greater audience using Social Media. The "Social Store" feature enables you to create a special storefront on your Facebook Business page where you can display selected products and your Deal(s) of the Day. Customers can add products to a cart, then click Check Out to go to your main website to complete their purchases. The "Social Store" integration is available in all of our Marketing Packages. Please note that Facebook requires that websites associated with Facebook Apps are SSL certified.

The Social Page of the Admin area of your website enables you to post directly to Twitter and Facebook. You can use it to send any kind of message to these networks, promoting particular products or services. These features assume that you already have Twitter and Facebook accounts set up for postings.

Showcase your products like never before by adding YouTube videos to your product pages. This feature is included in all of our Marketing Packages. Ask us about all of the Social Media Integration Tools available, and "Broadcast Yourself".