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ISG/Infrasys is a world leading manufacturer of thermal imagers for the highly specialized field of firefighting. With years of experience, and thousands of our thermal imagers in-use in fire departments and navy damage control forces worldwide, we understand how to build the most extreme equipment for the most extreme conditions inherent to the firefighting environment. We are the only manufacturer in the country to design and use our own camera engine technology from the ground-up for use specifically in firefighting environments. This allows us to build more advanced thermal cameras to deliver superior performance; such as being able to clearly image beyond 2000°F. Our high performance thermal imagers give firefighters the ability to make better, safer, decisions.XR is an upgraded version of the popular ELITE thermal imager used in thousands of fire departments all over the world. The XR incorporates the latest in image enhancement electronics to produce even crisper and clearer images than ever before. And best of all, XR incorporates the largest dynamic range of any thermal camera enabling you to clearly view scenes in excess of 2000°F. The more you see, the safer you will be.
PERFORMANCE - The XR has an improved noise reduction system that effectively increases the ratio of signal over noise. As a result, not only does the XR deliver superior image performance in hot scenes exceeding 2000°F, it also now delivers the best image performance of any firefighting thermal camera in cold environments as well. The XR is the best thermal camera for search and rescue in all conditions – ranging from cold winter basements - to the hottest fire environments. XR – for Extended Range
INTELLIGENT FOCUS - Intelligent Focus is a feature found only on the XR thermal imager. With Intelligent Focus, firefighters have the ability to focus their XR directly toward an object of interest, and see that object in crystal clear detail – hands-free! No turning of knobs or throwing of switches. Just point the camera directly toward the object and watch the XR do the rest! You have got to see this exclusive new feature!
HIGH RESOLUTION SENSOR - The Megapicture Plus system drives a high resolution vanadium oxide 37.5um pitch sensor consisting of 76,800 heat sensing pixels that is available only in the ELITE XR. The sensor offers non-uniformity correction on-chip as well as delivers raw performance unparalleled by other systems. Think of Megapicture’s sensor in the same way you think of sensors in digital camcorders. The more the pixels, the better the image quality. The better the image quality, the more you see, the more you see, the safer you can be
LIGHTNING FAST UPDATE RATES - Megapicture Plus technology scans the scene for changes in heat, analyzes them, and turns them into digital video images. The number of scene elements that can be analyzed is a result of the number of heat sensing pixels and the speed in which the system can scan. Megapicture Plus technology scans 4,608,000 scene elements each second. Typical competitive cameras only can scan up to 576,000 scene elements per second. The result is a much clearer image that helps firefighters see all resolvable detail in the scene – to help firefighters make better, safer, decisions
THOUSAND PLUS MODE - All of the latest thermal imagers use microbolometer sensors. And all microbolometer based cameras have two modes – high sense and low sense. High sense mode is used when the camera is in ambient environments. Low sense mode is used in hot firefighting environments. A typical competitive camera in low sense mode can see up to around 1000°F. That amount of headroom is adequate in most conditions. However, to offer added headroom, and added safety, Megapicture Plus technology added a third mode – Thousand Plus Mode – to enable clear imaging in scenes to levels over 2000°F. That feature is extremely important when faced with an extreme condition like flashover. Just when firefighters need to find the exit real fast. It’s nice to know you have the capability of seeing through those extreme temperatures – just in case
OPTIONAL FAST ATTACK PLUS - The new Fast Attack Plus is equipped with a quick-release mechanism that secures the ELITE XR while charging. An additional battery can charge in the spare battery holder at the same time.Fast Attack Plus ensures the ELITE XR is topped-off when you arrive at the scene
OPTIONAL TAC-GRIP II WITH LASER ASSIST - The TAC-Grip ll with Laser Assist is a detachable pistol-grip style handle that provides an alternative means of handling your imager. It easily and quickly clips onto the ELITE XR without the use of tools. The Tac-Grip II is also equipped with a new Laser Assist feature. Laser Assist provides pinpoint accuracy during Search and Rescue, Overhaul Conditions, and to Identify Floor & Ceiling Integrity
OPTIONAL VIEDO CAPTURE PLUS - Record up to 2 hours of video or 500 captured images without adding bulky attachments to your camera. The high resolution video and frame captured images are downloaded through a USB without additional software
OPTIONAL VIDEO TRANSMISSION - Video transmission that installs directly inside the ELITE XR. No bulky and heavy attachments to your camera. Transmitters and receivers are ideal for having a second set of eyes on-scene; and are also particularly useful when used during training evolutions
OPTIONAL RETRACTABLE LANYARD - The Retractable Lanyard clips the ELITE XR to your turnout gear enabling the use of both your hands. The ELITE XR is always within reach whenever needed, and out of the way when not needed
BATTERIES FOR LIFE - Never buy new batteries again! Eliminate the incurring cost associated with the purchase of new replacement batteries. Just call ISG/INFRASYS, send your old batteries back and pay only shipping & handling charges
UPGRADE PROGRAMS - ISG/INFRASYS is the only camera manufacturer in the country that designs and develops our own IR engine technology. As a result, only ISG/INFRASYS can offer a true, low-cost upgrade path for existing customers. When you purchase an ISG/INFRASYS camera, you have the ability to upgrade to the next new technology when available. Never let your cameras become obsolete again!

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